Electronic instrument

At present, the laser processing techniques widely used in the electronic instrument industry are mainly: laser marking, laser breaking, laser welding and laser drilling. Under the general trend of precision machining, the traditional printing and stamping processes can no longer meet the increasing processing requirements, nor can they effectively control production costs.
HiPA's advanced laser processing technology can realize a variety of processing of precision parts, such as spot welding, tailor welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc., the laser power is precisely adjustable, the weld has a high aspect ratio, and the heat affected area is small, The welding speed is fast, and the welding seam is smooth and beautiful, without porosity. HiPA uses advanced technology to perfectly combine the precision and design of electronic instruments.

Smart wear

In the context of the transformation and upgrading of the smart wear industry, HiPA innovatively uses laser marking technology to effectively apply laser processing technology to the field of smart wear, such as smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, smart gloves, smart necklace bracelets, apparel and shoes In the process, the internal space of smart wear is saved to the greatest extent, which can meet the needs of refined product processing, make the product components small and exquisite, more styling, and can achieve simple and flexible operation, high degree of automation, and simplify the processing process. Save time and provide more efficient and precise processing solutions for smart wearable manufacturing.


HIPA organically combines the laser application process with the modern mobile phone manufacturing process to solve many problems in the current mobile phone industry production, such as motherboard manufacturing, keyboard chip marking and engraving, punching and welding of earpieces, headphones, trims, etc., to make up for the traditional The lack of technology provides more precise and efficient processing solutions for mobile phone manufacturing and processing. At the same time, HIPA's high-precision optical detection technology can realize convenient and fast automated measurement. It is suitable for online detection of batch products and effectively improves the stability of mobile phone production.