Ghost Writer & Reader -Subsurface 2D Barcode Marking & Reading System Back To Product List

To mark invisible micro-sized 2D barcode inside glasses / sapphires, we design this marking
and reading system which can mark dots as small as 2.5 μm. This system marks each sample
with unique information, which helps for the traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

  • Invisible 2D barcode, no trace or touch feeling on the surface
  • Negligible influence on strength, can still pass 3PB and ROR strength tests after marking 
  • Fully customized reading light, optical system, and cutting-edge customized image processing algorithm 
  • 100% reading rate (sapphire, polished CG & gross CG)
  • On-line measurement and accurate control of code depth
  • Power monitoring and real-time compensation
  • Barcodes remain invisible and readable after decoration 
  • Writer and Reader can be integrated or independent
  • Customizable automatic loading and unloading