High Precision 2DBC Laser-marking Back To Product List

It is marking μm-precision 2D barcode (2DBC) with pulsed-laser. The 2DBC is for product traceability. This machine has integrated onloading & offloading, global/local alignment, marking & inspection. Fully automation delivers high UPH.

  • Machine designed and customized for specific wafer or FPC 
  • Software developed & tailor-made to suit end-user requirements
  • 2DBC generated by and uploaded to the server 
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation, authority-level operator, technician & engineer 
  • High precision alignment & marking, +/-30μm, high repeatability with CPK>1.33
  • Laser-safety with door-lock, ionizer to remove static, Fully automation with high UPH ( 3-4K for Flex, 6K-8K for Wafer PCBA)