HIPA Renders What You Desire

  • Higher efficiency

    With seamlessly connected parts and highly integrated systems internally, HiPA’s solutions run fast and steadily and improve production efficiency.

  • More timely and professional technical support

    HiPA always puts customer needs first, and will respond to any of your requirements within 24 hours.

  • A higher level of precision

    HiPA’s leading technical advantages make the microworld easier to control, and ensure high-precision production at the μm level.

  • More competitive prices

    HiPA’s mature supply chain system and customer-oriented product design make the prices of its solutions competitive in the market.

  • Lower maintenance cost

    The rigorous and efficient quality control system ensures the long-term operation of HiPA’s intelligent devices at a high speed, and the personalized engineering design minimizes maintenance cost.

  • Lower production cost

    Highly precise, HiPA’s solutions significantly improve the utilization of supplied materials, and effectively reduce material waste and lower production cost.

HiPA’s global business

Since it was founded, HiPA has served more than 40 large multinational corporate customers across the globe, offering them over 460 overall solutions and indirectly providing quality products to 500,000,000 consumers worldwide.

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